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Group scheduler that enables coordination of schedules with external partners

Simply share schedule details with external partners, and wait Easy with a smartphone, too

Safety confirmation system that enables discussions and instructions in an emergency

Toyokumo’s next-generation safety confirmation system, which also enables discussions and instructions during an emergency

Create forms that can be imported directly into Kintone

This service enables users to create forms to be published online. The entered data can be posted in Kintone. Users can create forms, such as website inquiry forms, application forms, and surveys, with ease.

Publish Kintone data externally with ease

This is a linked service for publishing data registered in the Kintone app externally. The service allows users who do not have a Kintone user license to view information in Kintone in real time.

Send emails using Kintone data

This is an emailing system linked with Kintone. Users can send emails while citing detailed information managed in Kintone. You can also send emails with text quotations from Kintone, as well as attachments.

Easily export ledger sheets from Kintone

This is a service for printing ledger sheets neatly, using data registered in the Kintone app. Users can use the ledger sheet layout they are currently using unchanged.

Aggregate Kintone data with a high degree of freedom

This service enables users to collect, calculate, and process information across multiple apps within Kintone. Users can gather and calculate information from multiple applications, just like in Excel!

Automatically back up Kintone data

This is a service for conserving data in case data registered in the Kintone app is lost. Users can back up registered data and attached files, and manage the backed-up data.